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Just like Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker, Garfield’s version of the character also has a poster of Albert Einstein.

In the top image: Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spider-Man.” In the bottom image: Tobey Maguire in “Spider-Man.”

Columbia Pictures; Columbia Pictures

In “TASM,” you can see the poster of the famed scientist when Peter removes his contacts and puts his glasses on. 

In “Spider-Man,” a different black-and-white poster of Einstein appears in Peter’s bedroom. 

Peter has a poster for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 movie “Rear Window” on a wall in his bedroom.

Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Columbia Pictures

The film starred James Stewart and Grace Kelly, and centered on a professional photographer. 

The Daily Bugle gets a makeover for “TASM.”

Copies of The Daily Bugle newspaper in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man.”

Columbia Pictures; Columbia Pictures

The logo and aesthetic of the newspaper in Webb’s films differ from the version seen in Raimi’s movies. 

In “TASM 2,” The Daily Bugle editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson is mentioned in conversations and emails that Peter sends, but the character doesn’t appear on-screen at all. 

“The Office” star B.J. Novak plays an insensitive Oscorp employee named Alistair Smythe, who makes Max stay at the office later.

B.J. Novak in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Columbia Pictures

He undermines Max and is skeptical of the electrician’s claim that he designed the power grid that’s used to sustain the city.

In the comics, Alistair Smythe becomes a foe of Spider-Man. 

Peter’s email from Aunt May in “TASM 2,” reminding him to pick up eggs, is a callback to the first movie.

In the top image: Peter Parker’s email inbox seen in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” In the bottom image: Aunt May and Peter Parker in “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Columbia Pictures

In “TASM,” Peter has a swinging sequence and is interrupted by a phone call from Aunt May asking him to pick up organic eggs. But he gets caught up trying to find Uncle Ben’s killer and …….



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